Anna Stepka 

Anna is a force. She's tiny but mighty--finding her creative outlet in crafting haircuts unique to your hair type and lifestyle. For her, nothing about your experience will be one-size-fits-all.


Ashton Holland
(she/ her)

Ashton is compassionate. Her calming, reassuring presence makes for an amazing hair experience. Her thoughtful, custom approach to cuts and color will leave you feeling truly cared for.


Megan Drennan

Megan is whimsical. Her carefree spirit makes for an exciting, individualistic and artistic hair adventure. She is focused on making sure everyone feels as comfortable, confident and beautiful as they truly are.


Tomme Sturm

Body Work Therapist

Tomme is welcoming. A kind natured listener in a gorilla's body who delights in creating a trauma informed massage plan that address your specific needs. Come for a visit today and leave ready to tackle tomorrow.

Tomme Headshot_edited.jpg

Christa Kirilenko

Christa is a facilitator. Her healing arts practice is rooted in science and flows as an intuitive team effort. She believes in the magic of human connection, meeting people in the present moment, and that we're all capable of unlimited learning, growth, and healing.