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30 – 60 min


a.  30 min  $30

hot towel wrap . nail + cuticle care . massage . buff or choice of polish


b.  45 min  $35



c.  60 min  $40

+ scrub and mask


+  gel polish – 15 min $10

+ nail art – 30-60 min





30 – 60 min


a.   30 min  $35

hot towel wrap .  scrub . nail + cuticle care . buff or choice of polish


b.   45 min  $50

+ callus removal and massage


c.   60 min  $60



the typical pedicure uses 10 gallons of water per service—we are choosing to help conserve this valuable resource by utilizing soaking bowls that take less water and less soaking time. this allows us to focus on nail care and cleanliness. massage is extended and a refreshing mask is used during each pedicure. 


we take the utmost care to not only disinfect our tools, but to sterilize them as well. after any single use items are disposed of, metal implements are washed, soaked in a disinfectant solution and then sterilized in a high heat autoclave. this kills any resistant bacteria and ensures you get the cleanest service possible.