iki (ee-kee) is a Japanese concept generally considered an expression of intentional simplicity and natural beauty. When translated it can mean "cool", "life" or "breath" in slang terms. To us, it means keeping things effortless. There is luxury in simplicity and we believe that this concept can carry through to all aspects of your life. 

Anna began conceptualizing a salon space that placed equal value on employees and clients. After identifying common challenges that could be unhealthy to businesses and the professionals that work there - she founded [ iki ] with the belief that there could a better environment for hairstylists and creative artisans. In 2017 [ iki ] enthusiastically opened it's doors. During the 3 years it has been open, along with her business partner, Emma, and their amazing team - [ iki ] has since evolved to include a spa and soon-to-be lifestyle store. Placing emphasis on local artisans and living a more eco-friendly life, [ iki ] strives to be as earth friendly and as welcoming as possible.