Quick, easy ways to get your hair Zoom ready

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

When it comes to work, there are a LOT of virtual meetings happening. Life in person, some meetings are planned and some are not. Or you forgot about them - but that's beside the point. Here are a few tips to get your hair looking presentable on camera, fast!

Tip #1 : Sea Salt Spray

A quick and easy way to look tousled, yet put together is your friend Sea Salt Spray. These texturizing sprays have real sea salt in them that help to liven up your hair's texture. Perfect for 2nd day hair, a quick spritz of this followed by some scrunching will get you look tiptop in not time.

Tip #2 : Texturizing Dust

If your hair tends to look a bit lifeless and flat on the 2nd, or towards the end of the day - texturizing dust will work wonders! Lightly puff the product where you want extra volume. This also acts as a light dry shampoo to absorb oil!

Tip #3 : Forming Pomade

Need to tame come cowlicks or style shorter hairs into submission? Forming Pomade would be fantastic for getting your hair back under control. It works best for short styles, but can be used on the ends of longer hair to give it some texture.

Tip #4 : Hairspray

Last but not least, trusty hairspray! This is a product most people have in some form in their product arsenal. From adding volume, taming unruly strands or keeping a certain style in place - hairspray does it all.