How to wash your hair the right way

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Did you know you may have been washing your hair wrong your entire life?

Shampooing and conditioning seem super straightforward. You've been sudsing since you were little, right? Wrong. There is actually a correct way to wash your hair. We will debunk some myths on shampooing and outline how us professionals do it to make the most out of your shower time and your hair products.

Myth #1 : I need a lot of shampoo to clean my hair.

Truth : If you're using a quality product (which you should be, but more on that in a different post!) it will be very concentrated, which means a little goes a long way. It's best to use about a nickel to quarter sized amount for most lengths of hair.

Myth #2 : My hair doesn't need to be totally wet.

Truth : Just because you're in the shower, doesn't mean your hair is completely wet. The more saturated your hair is with water, the more your hair will suds up and the less product you'll have to use. More water = more bubbles!

Myth #3 : I can put conditioner on sopping wet hair too.

Truth : In contrast to shampooing, conditioner doesn't need as much water. After rinsing shampoo, wring your hair out with your hands as best you can before applying conditioner or mask. This will ensure it is soaking in and doing what it's made to do. For extra dry or processed hair, blotting water out with a towel before applying can help even further. You don't want to be washing expensive product down the drain because it couldn't penetrate your hair strands.

Myth #4 : I have to shampoo every day

Truth : This is up for debate! Every person is different when it comes to their shampooing habits, but typically washing every other day is beneficial. It saves you product, and it keeps your hair from being stripped of its natural oils - which contribute to the luster and strength of your hair.

There you have it! A few myth busting and helpful tips to get you on your way to shampooing the right way.

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