Our Salon Services

We like simplicity. Everything we do is based on time, instead of the type of service. This lets us include things not typical of a traditional salon experience. Every time you get a hair service at [ iki ] it includes aromatherapy, shampoo and scalp massage in our heavenly shampoo beds and a deep conditioning treatment with hot towel wrap. During the shampoo, all facial waxing needs are tended to - be it an eyebrow cleanup or those pesky nostril hairs. We also do not accept gratuity. This is a conscious concept meant to make your visit a bit less stressful.

We take full responsibility for keeping you fresh!

Hair Sculpting

45 minute / $50 - $75

shorter hair usually falls into this category

60 minute / $65 - $100

this is typically for longer hair

Fringe Trim / $20

a trim on fringe we cut during a full haircut. come in to have it shaped up to extend your style!

Hair Painting

Refresh 2 hrs / $130 - $200


Enhance 2.5 hrs / $130 - $250 


Revamp 3 hrs / $195 - $300

Remodel 4 hrs / $260 - $400

Eyebrow Tailoring / $20

expert brow shaping tailored to fit your face shape and style.

Eyebrow Tinting / $20

emphasize your natural brows with a tint! lasts 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash Tinting / $25

give your natural lashes extra dimension.

lasts 4-6 weeks


Our Spa Services

We continue simplicity with our nail and esthetic services. Whether you're getting a lash lift, a dip powder manicure, a gel manicure or a spa pedicure - we make sure your service is as relaxing and as stress free as possible. Nail services are broken down by time, letting you add nail art or a refreshing scrub as you please. Remember, we don't accept gratuity, so the prices you see are exactly what you pay.


30 minute / $30

includes shaping, cuticle clean up, as well as a buff or color of your choice.

45 minute / $35

includes cuticle clean up, shaping and hand massage, followed by a buff or color of your choice. gel or dip powder would fall into this time frame.

60 minute / $45

this time frame allows for cuticle clean up, shaping, hand massage , gel or dip powder and old product removal.


30 minute / $35

soak, shaping, cuticle clean up as well as scrub and polish.


45 minute / $50

soak, shaping, cuticle clean up, scrub, foot file and massage as well as polish.


60 minute / $60

includes everything in the 45 min pedicure as well as a mask and hot towels


Eyebrow Tailoring / $20

expert brow shaping tailored to fit your face and style

Eyelash Lift / $40

add a permanent curl to your lashes! this gentle perm gives drama to your natural lashes! lasts 6-10 weeks

Eyebrow Tint / $20

emphasize your natural brows with a tint!

lasts 4-6 weeks

Eyelash Tint / $25

give your natural lashes extra definition

lasts 4-6 weeks